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QARA Full Roster
Sorted by Call Sign

Please communicate any roster info updates to Tom, WA9YFF, with QARA in the subject line.

Sorted by First Name


Sample Net Control Script.

CQ… CQ… CQ…  This is (your call sign) with the Quartzsite Amateur Radio Association repeater net.

My name is (your name) and I will be your net controller for tonight.

This is a directed net, if you need to break in, please give me your call sign and wait to be recognized.

Is there any emergency traffic or QST’s at this time?

Hearing no Emergency Traffic or QST’s at this time, I will start our role call.

That is the roll call for tonight. Are there any missed or late members? Please give me your call sign and name.

Are there any visitors to the net tonight? Please give me your call sign and your name.

Please visit our webpage at www.QRadio.org for the latest news and details about our regular and upcoming special events, including our Saturday morning breakfasts and our weekday morning meet-and-greets at the Quartzsite bakery.

That will conclude our net tonight, please check in with us every (Days and time) to support our Quartzsite Amateur Radio Net.
This is (Your Call Sign) wishing everyone a pleasant evening and I know return the frequency to normal amateur use. 73.



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